AMA Day in the Life (ama_ditl)

AMA Day in the Life or ama_ditl is a spin-off community that was created to share their lives and photos with others within the AMA community. The basic idea is for members to have their camera with them at all times during the day and to take photos documenting it. Once they have taken the photos, they upload them to the photo hosting site of their choice and post them to this community in chronological order with witty commentary.


1. You will be allowed one photo in the open, all others MUST be behind a cut.

2. It will be up to you if you want to friends lock your entries

3. All entries MUST have photos.

4. Photos should be from one day (wake up to bedtime). If you want to do a post over a few days, contact the mods.

5. Try to resize your photos to make them friendly to users. We are happy you took such awesome photos but we really don’t need them to be 2000x2000.

6. Quality over quantity. You went to Sbux today? Great! One or two photos from there is fantastic. 60 are not. We also don’t need to see EVERYTHING you did over one day, just the highlights.

7. I would really like to say ‘be nice’ but that is probably not going to happen. So, just try to be nice. People will have gone through a lot of work to take these photos and post them, the least we can do is be nice to them for entertaining us. However, this is the internet and you are bound to encounter people with differing views, ideas and morals. If someone doesn't like your post…suck it up.

8. There will be people under the age of 18 viewing this. Please try to keep nudity tasteful and to the minimum. We don’t need to see pictures of you shagging your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend/FB/BFF.

9. Please refrain from posting illegal activities. We really don’t want to see you spraypainting your local supermarket. Bong in the background = ok, crackpipe in your mouth…not ok. This also goes for paedophilia, necrophilia, beastiality, violence of any sort, photos portraying animal/spousal/child abuse, theft and anything else deemed to be illegal by most societies. Please use your heads on this one.

10. If your post is going to contain nudity, please let us know. Some people access LJ from work (naughty, naughty people!) and they don’t need their boss walking by and seeing mrflagg’s nutsack in all of its glory.

11. Captions should be descriptive, witty and short. If you are not witty, please just keep them short and descriptive.

12. Please do not change the default font type and colour. That hot pink may look awesome to you but may blind others.

13. There is no limit as to how many times you can post your day in pictures. Go nuts people!

14. Spammers, trolls and other undesirables will be banned.

15. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints, please contact one of your fascist friendly mods! Alternately, you can contact me through my journal or at moc.liamg|yssarc#moc.liamg|yssarc.

16. You don’t have to be a member of ask_me_anything but it would help!

17. Own your photos, own your words. Deleting posts and comments is a big no no and you will be banned immediately for doing so. This is not a democracy, a mod’s word is final. If you get banned and don’t like it, don’t post whinging about it. Email one of the mods to sort it out. Subsequent posts about how unfair we are, flounces or other stupids will be immediately posted to stupid_free or sf_drama where you will be mocked. We don’t care if you don’t like this community, leave quietly as we don’t want to hear your bitching.


How to do an LJ cut!

Please refer to LJ’s FAQ on cuts which can be found here.

Do I put an image in my post?

You need to do some basic html here. The code for inserting a photo is < img src=”insert file name here” > (without the space). Alternately, you can use Semagic or another LJ posting application. Please make sure that the place where you have your photos allowes remote hosting. This means that everyone can see your photos. Please refrain from using Geocities, Angelfire and other such places to host your photos. You can use,,, tinypic and LJ’s own image storage as well as your own domain.

Okay, so where can I host my image?

If you don't have your own domain you can use Photobucket (be sure to read their Terms of Service through), Flickr, TinyPic, Fotki and Livejournal's own image storage service are good places (image storage is available only to paid members).

How do I resize photos?

Using your image editor (Nero, Irfanview etc) there will be an option to resize your photos. If you are using Imageshack, there is an option on the main page to resize the photo. Any photos deemed too big or too small will result in a deleted post. Please do not use thumbnails or links to photos. Nobody wants to click on them and nobody will. If you do this, community members may call for you to be hung, drawn and quatered with full backing from the mods.

Something on here was offensive to me!!!

Suck it up. You didn’t HAVE to click on the link. If you got in trouble from your parents/boss/SO that is your problem. All posts with nudity or questionable content should have been marked as such. The mods will try to keep on top of this, but if you find something which isn’t and really should be deemed NSFW, please contact one of us ASAP.

What happens if I screw up on the html or commentary?

Go back and fix it. There is a handy EDIT button feature in LJ. Use it. Do not re-post your photos.

Voting yes or no?

No voting, but people will be offering their opinions. Suck it up if it is rude.

Friendslock yes or no?

That is up to you. If you feel that you do not want the internet looking at your photos, then by all means friendslock it. Please note that mods cannot go back and flock your post, only you can do this.

What happens if I don’t put something behind a cut?

We will ask you once and once only. After a certain amount of time, if nothing is done about it, your post will be deleted. Feel free to post again if your post was deleted for this reason, but make sure you fix your tags. Posting photos twice without the proper code will result in you being banned from posting.

Should I tag my post?

YES YES YES! Please tag your post with your LJ username. This will make it easier for people to search for your post if they want to. If you post something stupid, flounce or are a general dickhead in the community, the mods reserve the right to add humourous tags to your post.

This community was created on February 7, 2008 and the maintainers are crassy, janedoremi, and kttgoth. It has 152 members and is watched by 131 people as of July 16, 2008.

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