Ama Exchange

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Have you ever wondered what it is like in the world of another AMA user? Where they live? Food they eat? Newspapers they read? Well, now you can!

ama_exchange will bring you closer to those ama members you have always wondered about. Each month will bring a theme. Then it is your job to go out and get something pertaining to the theme and send it out to your ama buddy!

Each month will be a different theme. Suggestions for themes are always welcome, so please feel free to voice your opinions.

All names will be randomly drawn and you will receive an email with your buddy's name and address.

You are responsible for the costs of sending any packages.

All items to be posted by the 30th of every month

Please keep who you are a secret (although you can put your name on the package if you wish). It will make it more interesting that way. Also, there is no need to advertise when the package was sent out.

Previous exchanges have been:

Mixed CDs

There are many more to come! August's exchange will be a photo (taken by the user) and a hand written letter.

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