AMA Off Topic (ama_offtopic)

AMA Off Topic is an AMA spin-off community that was created April 23, 2008 by unknownj to minimize the amount of drunken or pointless posts on the main community.

The Rules:

1. Don't be an idiot

2. That's about it.. Put NSFW material behind LJ-cuts like a good responsible citizen, and otherwise, have fun..

Feel free to participate in the official community Picture Post, it's not mandatory, but it helps to see who you are.

There's an IRC channel for AMA - on the server, the channel is called #ama. If you're not sure how to get there, try mIRC, and read the instructions carefully. If all else fails, we have a Java app that will work for you, located here.

Current moderators of this community are Beth, Carrie, and James.

This community has 196 members and is watched by 163 people as of July 16, 2008.

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