AMA Post Secret

AMA Post Secret is a post made every once in a while (usually by fortuna_juvat) modeled after the internet phenomenon PostSecret. Instead of mailing in submissions however, users upload their "secrets", which is usually a .jpg image file to a picture hosting website, and then posted to a submission post made on the main community.

Secrets may vary from silly proclamations of love for unknownj to serious issues a user may be struggling with.

Rules: (written by fortuna_juvat in the most recent submission post on June 17, 2008)

20480x 640 pixel limit. Has to be a FUCKING SECRET. None of this "AMA is the only thing I live for!" shit, considering that applies to most of us. We don't care if you use paint. Google image search is your friend.

Use tinypic or other anonymous photohost or I'll find the naked photoshopped Hillary pictures in your photobucket.

CLICK HERE to post anonymously with just the URL. One URL per comment, it'll be screened.

MAKE SURE YOU GIVE ME THE CORRECT URL. People posted "" last time, which doesn't work as well as you'd think.

The comments to the submission post are usually screened and it is recommended that you comment under "Anonymous" instead of the user's usual LJ user name.

Secrets are allowed to be submitted for nearly a week* and then the compiled list of secrets are made into another friends-locked post at "hangover o'clock" on the specified date.

*this may vary


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