AMA Vlog (ama_vlog)

AMA Video Blogging or ama_vlog was created by Jasna on July 18, 2008. This community is for posting personal video blogs, which is a journal entry in video format as opposed to the usual text format. This allows users to get a closer look into the lives of other community members and to more openly share their thoughts with others.

The moderators of this community are janedoremi and icklecarriekins.

There are 49 members and the community is watched by 38 people as of July 23, 2008.

IMPORTANT Please read the Rules before joining the community. Failure to do so will result in the banhammer.


1. If you are posting multiple videos, all videos except the first one must be under a cut.

2. Do not post a video of a dog on a skateboard or the latest Britney video. This community is for video blogs only and all other videos will be deleted. All videos must be made by YOU.

3. Assume that all the videos are NSFW. If you get in trouble for watching a video with swearing at work, don't blame us. Please don't post nudity though - we're not that kind of community.

4. The mods can do whatever they please, and it's really important that you're okay with that. They reserve the right to delete any posts and ban you at any given time.

5. If you don't know how to make a video blog do some research first, but feel free to ask for a few tips.

6. Do not be a cunt. Harassment will not be tolerated. See rule 4.

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