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Real Name: UNKNOWN!
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Dog_dharma is one of our resident Old Guys and a Zen Buddhist monk. He may or may not have had a previous username. When asked for info about himself he stated "I have always been exactly who I am."

Nobody really knows much about him although he is a very active member with often very entertaining posts and replies. The following are the few facts we've gleaned about him so far:

  • He is allergic to the Dutch.
  • He only knows two facts about ducks. And both of them are wrong.
  • He was brought up in Africa by a herd of Cheetahs.
  • He can open a beer bottle with his testes.
  • His voice can only be heard by cats.
  • He is confused by stairs.
  • He has a life sized tattoo of his face……on his face.
  • He once punched a horse to the ground.
  • He has no understanding of clouds
  • He thinks Star Wars is a documentary.
  • He doesn’t love. only likes

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