Moderators are in place to essentially keep order within the community. They have the power to ban/un-ban users and tag entries, although many members have just tagging privleges and no mod power (see taggers). In the past unknownj had been known to randomly mod and de-mod users on a whim. Our current overlord, tma wields and iron fist as well, and you shouldn't cross him as he maintains a full arsenal of strange and terrifying torture methods.

The current 8 moderators are:

aureate_chic, crassy, embodyment, icklecarriekins, mofoburrell, thesparque, tma, and yuriko.

Previous moderators have included:

Andy, Steve, Rosi, Dale, Gabriel, Kat, Duane, Carrie, Jasna, karlrage, Keegan, Ash, mrflagg, Fai, Marcio, Naomi, Kyla, Liza, Nick, Tiff, Murgator!!, Krystin, James, and whitevelvet

This above previous miderators were the last the most recent mod list during the reign of James following a "mod election" posted by James starting with a nomination poll in which users nominated themselves into various ministries by ticking the boxes or submitting a screened comment.

After the nominees were in, the election took place in another poll posted by James. The results were then posted in AMA spin-off community ama_offtopic on June 28th, 2008.

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