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Real Name: The Man That Fucks Your Mom
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Mrflagg is a long-time AMA user who is mostly known for his frequent polls and his soft sensitive nature with attractive females in the community and his even keeled sense of priorities. Due to his extremely giving personality he has met many fellow AMAers and has struck many favourable impressions. Some say, that he appears on high value stamps in Sweden, and that he can catch fish with his tongue, we know him only as Mrflagg, and here's what other members have had to say about him:

While passing thru Vancouver he was nice enough to stop and buy me lunch. And then after hearing me whine about being broke he took me bikini shopping. It was one of the best afternoons ever!

Even tho it cost thirty dollars he still shipped me a package of maple cookies to Australia. He is the best!!

I've been filled with love and full of passion but I've never been so fulfilled as I have been when making love to MrFlagg. During his New York vacation we barely left his hotel room and when the week was done I could barely walk or talk.

The first time I saw those beautiful monkey lips and that wild hair, I couldn't control myself! I've never squirted so hard before until I started having dirty thoughts of MrFlagg while I masturbate. He is a saint.

MrFlagg is currently on a break from the community because its become a stupid wankfest. He is a former moderator and is also a member of several AMA spin-off communities such as ama_offtopic, ama_etc, ama_irl, ama_ditl, ama_baking, ama_bookclub, ama_film, and ama_exchange.

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