Username: thedastardfunk
Real Name: Margie
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Margie, is our resident crack-whore, also known as "The Murgator!". Also a former moderator of Ask Me Anything and member of the Ministry of Defence - Unusual Time Zone Department because she is nocturnal. She is also in several spin-off communities: ama_film, ama_irl, ama_ditl, ama_baking, and ama_etc. It is unknown the exact date on which she joined our community, but her first post was on May 20, 2008.

You can find The Murgator on AMA quite often. If she isn't on AMA, she may be in IRC (and possibly drunk). Though we don't see her in IRC as much as we used to, we assume she's either getting more sleep or *gasp* not drinking as much these days!

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